Friday, July 4, 2008


I need to get all serious for a bit, so please just bear with me. Kim is my cousin on my mother's side and for a high schooler, she's pretty cool. She's just a wonderful girl who's spunky, vibrant and full of life. She's a normal high school girl with normal high school things to think about, like getting good grades and going to prom and such. She loves her Ipod Touch to smithereens and she's a learning Rubik's cube enthusiast. Now, I just learned that she was recently diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain. So far, with all things considered, she's been pretty lucky as she's still conscious and is coherent. Still, she's far from cured, and she's going to need an operation. Now, if it's not too much to ask, I'd like to ask you all to please add Kim to your daily prayers. It'll only take an extra minute of your time, and you'll be helping Kim, me, and my family a whole lot. Please pray for her well-being, for any and all procedures that need to be done to her, and for her full recovery. Thanks guys.

Update: Kim's surgery went through without a hitch, so she's pretty much out of the woods. Thanks for the prayers and the well-wishes, they were a huge help.


Kwagoo said...

il pray for her. damn.. sad.. hope she gets well soon..

God bless you.

Razaele said...

Thanks Kat. That means a lot.

Anonymous said...

i'll pray for her too..
so sad...she's just 16